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These are our frequently asked questions

Contact Lines:

Facebook, Instagram and aLlure Hotline 646-598-3227 / 473-444-7242

About Allure

What do I need to register?

Photo ID

Correct Name on ID

Meal Preferences

Bra size

Underwear size

Facebook + IG contact ( optional)

Is there a registration fee?

Yes there is a registration fee but it’s not REFUNDABLE

Can anyone collect my costume?

Only the person registered can collect their individual costume.

Do allure offer payment plans?

Yes, allure do offer payment plans please visit our website for payment break down

Are children allowed with parents in the band?

Unfortunately, allure will not have accommodations for children

What currency is used for payment?

All prices are quoted in USD.

Can I interchange back packs & body wear?

Frontline backpacks can be added to different body wear. However, the frontline body wear cannot use a backline backpack.

Where can I find aLlure updates once registration is completed?

Band updates will be posted on all our social media page Facebook and Instagram.